Wednesday, November 07, 2007
I've been looking forward to the CTP of PowerShell 2 for a while, and it's finally here.

I'm looking forward to installing it on a VM tonight (don't install it on your production / main desktop system just yet).

The stand-out features from the two blog posts (The Community Technology Preview (CTP) of Windows PowerShell 2.0, What's New in CTP of PowerShell 2.0) are:

PowerShell Remoting

"Windows PowerShell 2.0 provides support for executing Cmdlets and Scripts remotely. PowerShell Remoting allows managing a collection of remote machines from a single client. Managing remote computers using PowerShell 2.0, requires that PowerShell 2.0 be installed on all the computers taking part in the operation; that is the client computer and the computer(s) being managed."

This solves a problem that a lot of sysadmins have - being able to nicely administer many machines in their farm / network using PowerShell.

Background Jobs

"Windows PowerShell 2.0 introduces the concept of a background job (PsJob).  A PsJob runs a command or expression asynchronously and "in the background" without interacting with the console. The command prompt returns immediately and you can query for the job results at your convenience.  You can run background jobs on a local or remote computer."

Hurrah! I was surprised how much I missed this unix feature, so it's good to see background jobs make an appearance. I'll be interested to see if they have changed the threading model within PowerShell.

Graphical PowerShell

"This release includes a very early alpha version of the new graphical shell..."

Definitely something that people want, although others have filled the void quite well up until now. Looking forward to playing with this.

Well done PowerShell team!


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