Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I had fun preparing and presenting the Visual Studio Tips n Tricks talk at TechEd last week... although I think about half the jokes fell flat!

Here's the slides -- you'll see there's not much of value in them:

DEV313-Jackson-VisualStudioTips-Clean.pptx (1.4 MB)

...and that's because most of the talk was the demo. I walked through a lot of Visual Studio keyboard combinations that I find useful, as well as walking through some of the features that can make you more productive, such as the snippet manager, settings management and macros.

Here's a table of all the keyboard shortcuts I used:

C# Key Combo VB Key Combo
View.ShowSmartTag CTRL + . CTRL + .
Edit.Find CTRL + F CTRL + F Quick find
Edit.IncrementalSearch CTRL + I CTRL + I Incremental find
Edit.FindInFiles CTRL + SHIFT + F CTRL + SHIFT + F Find in files
Edit.Replace CTRL + H CTRL + H Quick replace
Edit.ReplaceInFiles CTRL + SHIFT + H CTRL + SHIFT + H Replace in files
Edit.GotoNextLocation F8 - Go to next location (in search results)
Edit.GotoPrevLocation SHIFT + F8 - Go to previous location (in search results)
Edit.FindNext F3 F3 Repeat search
Edit.FindPrevious SHIFT + F3 SHIFT + F3 Search previous
Edit.FindNextSelected CTRL + F3 CTRL + F3 Search for next with selected text
Edit.FindPreviousSelected CTRL + SHIFT + F3 CTRL + SHIFT + F3 Search for previous with selected text
View.NavigateBackward CTRL + - CTRL + - Go back to previous location (Browser-style)
View.NavigateForward CTRL + SHIFT + - CTRL + SHIFT + - Go forwards to next location
View.ViewCode F7 F7 View code
View.ViewDesigner SHIFT + F7 SHIFT + F7 View designer when in markup
View.ViewMarkup SHIFT + F7 SHIFT + F7 View markup when in designer
Edit.CycleClipboardRing CTRL + SHIFT + V CTRL + SHIFT + V Cycle through Visual Studio clipboard
Edit.GotoBrace CTRL + ] - Jump to opposing brace / XML tag
Edit.GotoBraceExtend CTRL + SHIFT + ] - Select text to the opposing brace / tag
Edit.GotoFindCombo CTRL + / - Jump to the find combo in the toolbar
Window.ShowEzMDIFileList CTRL + ALT + DOWN ARROW CTRL + ALT + DOWN ARROW Show popup of all open files
Debug.Start F5 F5 Start with debugger
Debug.StartWithoutDebugging CTRL + F5 CTRL + F5 Start without debugger
Debug.Restart CTRL + SHIFT + F5 SHIFT + F5 Restart the program
Debug.StopDebugging SHIFT + F5 CTRL + ALT + BREAK Stop debugger
Debug.RunToCursor CTRL + F10 CTRL + F10 Run to the cursor
Debug.ToggleBreakpoint F9 F9 Set / remove breakpoint
Debug.DeleteAllBreakpoints CTRL + SHIFT + F9 CTRL + SHIFT + F9 Delete all breakpoints
Debug.EnableBreakpoint CTRL + F9 - Enable a breakpoint
Debug.StepInto F11 F11 Step into a method
Debug.StepOut SHIFT + F11 SHIFT + F11 Step out of a method
Debug.StepOver F10 F10 Step over a line
Tools.RecordTemporaryMacro CTRL + SHIFT + R - Start recording a macro
Tools.PlayTemporaryMacro CTRL + SHIFT + P - Playback a macro

If you want an even more comprehensive list of keyboard combinations, you can check out the following links, or go exploring in Tools > Options > Keyboard:

C# Keybindings

VB Keybindings

C++ Keybindings



Wednesday, September 10, 2008 10:12:31 PM (New Zealand Standard Time, UTC+12:00)
thanks for the talk on visual studio productivity today in ChCh.
Learned a few things and was reminded of how mindblowing a few of the simple shortcuts were when I learned about them. I honestly spent two days last year telling everyone I met how fantastic it was to be able to get at the smart tag menu without the mouse (fiddly business finding the dropdown menu for the smart tag with the mouse and I usually miss at least once).
Good to hear your talk anyway.
Wednesday, September 10, 2008 11:02:32 PM (New Zealand Standard Time, UTC+12:00)
Thanks Hamish, I had fun. Glad to hear you're a fellow convert :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 6:38:20 AM (New Zealand Standard Time, UTC+12:00)
Hi Kirk,

Great presentation in Christchurch yesterday - informative and entertaining.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008 9:24:51 AM (New Zealand Standard Time, UTC+12:00)
Thanks David!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 11:12:09 AM (New Zealand Standard Time, UTC+12:00)
The Cntrl . and the right click on the keyboard thing made the session worth it by itself!
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