Saturday, June 09, 2007
TechEd NZ is selling out fast. They have also updated the website since I last went there, but the list of speakers hasn't been finalised yet.

Our TechEd is a catch-all for all Microsoft technologies and releases, but in the US there are 3 different Microsoft events to follow if you're a developer: MIX, TechEd and PDC. MIX and TechEd US have both happened recently, and there's no PDC this year.

This year, MIX has had a lot of the cool stuff for developers -- Silverlight 1.1, the DLR, Dynamic VB, Iron Ruby and more. From the lack of developer buzz around TechEd, and my reading of TechEd Bloggers, it sounds like the TechEd conference had more in store for the IT Pro's than the developers, delivering more in the product / platform space.

Here's looking forward to TechEd NZ. I'm looking forward to hearing how IronRuby has progressed in the intervening months, and hopefully seeing some new Silverlight stuff. I'll (hopefully) be presenting on Powershell again, which is one of my favourites. Check out the Powershell blog too, good stuff regularly pops up on there.

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