Monday, July 13, 2009

If you store, transmit or process credit card data, PCI applies.

How can OWASP help you with PCI compliance?

Credit card data:

  • Primary Account Number (PAN): Can store it, but protection required.
  • Can never store the CVD 3 digit number or mag stripe

Card data attacks have been increasing in sophistication.

PCI-DSS affects anyone who transmits, processes or stores payment card data. E.g. merchants, service providers (e.g. Paymark, DPS).

Look at 12 requirements of PCI-DSS (firewalls, storage etc)

Protecting stored data:

You must not store sensitive authentication data. Principle: if you don't need it, don't store it. Consider outsourcing, truncation, tokenisation.

Tokenisation: Replace PAN with a unique identifier "token"

Truncation: don't store all the data (e.g. first 4, last 4 digits)

Encryption: Encrypt at point of capture, only decrypt when required, use industry standard encryption, protect your keys.

Developing secure applications / Test app was built securely / Use secure coding guidelines:

Standard OWASP guidelines

Annual risk assessment:

Every year, new threats will affect your site. Go and re-assess against the new threats.


Fixing legacy systems: make sure no old data is lying around.

Real life example: it's very easy to mess up (example of reverting to old code)

Parting thoughts: achieve, maintain and validate compliance. Secure development is a key activity. OWASP is a good source. Reduce storage of PAN data.

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