Saturday, May 24, 2008

It is a busy time in Wellington .NET User Group land.

Nine months ago I switched us over to fortnightly user group meetings. While it's sometimes a struggle to find speakers, thanks to the great support of the speakers and the Wellington community, we're able to entertain, teach and enlighten every 14 days.

I thought a round-up of our activity over the past 12 months would be interesting:

21/05/2008 - Subversion and Cruise Control - Sky Sigal

07/05/2008 - Visual Studio certification & SQL Server Reporting Services - James Hippolite

16/04/2008 - There's more to life than C# and VB.NET - Kirk Jackson

02/04/2008 - Mocking 101 - Owen Evans

19/03/2008 - Silverlight 2.0 - James Newton King

05/03/2008 - 2008 Lightning Strike! - Various Presenters

13/02/2008 - 2008 Summer Road Trip - Jeremy Boyd, Chris Auld, Kirk Jackson

30/01/2008 - ASP.NET MVC framework - John-Daniel Trask

05/12/2007 - Introduction to Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) - Ivan Towlson

21/11/2007 - Dynamic Runtime & Languages - What's it all about? - Ivan Porto Carrero

07/11/2007 - SQL Server 2008 for Developers - Jeremy Boyd

03/10/2007 - A lap around Visual Studio 2008 - Darryl Burling

19/09/2007 - ASP.NET Futures: Dynamic Data Controls - Andrew Tokeley

06/09/2007 - Virtual Earth – Overview on Spatial Development - Matti Seikkula

01/08/2007 - Developing with Windows SharePoint Services v3.0 - Zac Smith

04/07/2007 - C# vs VB.NET - continuing the epic battle - Philip Cox and Kirk Jackson

06/06/2007 - Well MIXed! - Chris Auld

As well as organising 16 of those talks and 20 speakers to present, in the past 12 months I also have:

  • Presented a PowerShell presentation at TechEd NZ in August 2007
  • Presented on C# 3.0 features at a corporate user group
  • Given a presentation for ELCM351 at Victoria University on "Future Directions in Web Development" (more on this later)
  • Been the treasurer of the NZ .NET User Group Incorporated Society, and written about 100 cheques for beer and pizza, as well as attending committee meetings and procrastinating about budgets
  • Organised the "Dev Code Camp 2007" on Sunday 12 August 2007 in Auckland, just before TechEd. It was a struggle finding speakers, organising catering and sponsorship, and MC'ing the day. Probably the hardest event I've done so far... Watch out for another one this year :)
  • Presented on C# 3.0 at the Dev Code Camp as well.

It has been great to have the support of the speakers listed above from the Wellington community, and even greater that 8 of them spoke for the first time at the user group this year.

I'm always on the lookout for new speakers. If you're interested, drop me a line!

(I'm looking for a speaker for Wed 4 June by the way :)



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 Monday, May 05, 2008
... a nice way to end the school holidays :)

Coming back to work is the hard part:


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 Friday, May 02, 2008
Good news that Scott Hanselman is coming to TechEd NZ which runs from Sept 1-3 in Auckland.

Hopefully this year I'll get to present again. The past two years I have had fun presenting PowerShell sessions, and there's lots of news of new PowerShell providers (and more coming), so there should be something good to report.

This year TechEd is tantalisingly close to PDC - which is Oct 27-30 in Los Angeles. I say 'tantalisingly', because a lot of teams within Microsoft will be holding off releasing new versions of their technology, or making big announcements at PDC (e.g. the mysterious Purdy team language / editor stuff will be divulged then).

Thank goodness for open projects like ASP.NET MVC - we're seeing right into the bowels of the project on a regular basis thanks to their open and frequent releases.

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