Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Well, what did I learn while at Code Camp last weekend.?

  • Wellington .NET dev community is passionate and quite diverse
  • Objective C is more smalltalk-ish than I realised from previous snippets I had seen
  • Xcode IDE is less 'integrated' than Visual Studio
  • I now know more about CRM and other Microsoft solutions
  • A panel discussion (Usability or Security) can be fun when the audience participates
  • How to make my code slightly more maintainable
  • Code contracts gel with me more than Spec# did. and I like them
  • F# continues to be awesome and yet awe-inspiring
  • Sync framework looks like a good solution for occasionally connected apps, with a good set of functionality out of the box
  • And I demoed a beta IDE in a beta VM on a beta OS (VS2010 in Windows Virtual XP on Windows 7)

Sponsors are awesome!

Go Go Gadget. Karting!

I had fun at the go-karts. The winners of the team event were Simon and Bert:

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 Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm looking forward to the Code Camp this weekend. We've got an interesting range of talks lined up over the two days, and I'll be doing a short talk on what's coming in Visual Studio 2010.

As well as organising the finances and food, I've organised the social event for Saturday night. It's going to be fun!

Code Camp Social Event

6:30pm, Sat 13 June @ North City Indoor Raceway 3 Raiha St, Porirua

Food at 7pm, racing shortly after. Finish by 9pm.

A family-friendly go-kart race, with geek-against-geek action.


The karting is at the North City Indoor Raceway: (see "The Races")

There will be a team race where each team will relay through each driver 3 times, giving 30 laps of racing per person. Everything is computer-timed to find out which team wins, and spectators are welcome to watch.

The food will be BBQ/Salad/Chips, and you can BYO drinks (I'll hopefully have some money left to bring a little along).

Karting plus food: $40
Food only: $10

Spouses and older kids are welcome to kart at the above prices, or come along just for food and cheer your team on!

Many thanks to our sponsors: Whitireia, Xero, Microsoft MVP, INETA, DTS

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