Saturday, September 26, 2009

We got some great feedback from attendees at this year's Code Camp in Auckland. I thought I'd share some stats from the survey sent to attendees.

We counted 300 people there at one time, so we estimate somewhere between 300 and 350 people came along for sessions during the day. Note that approximately half of the attendees responded to the survey that these figures were drawn from.

We had three streams: Development, SQL and Security.

Attendance was roughly:

  • Development: 68%
  • SQL: 19%
  • Security 13%

Although, people could switch between streams as they wished.

Did you also go to TechEd?

  • Yes: 30%
  • No: 70%

How did you find out about Code Camp?

Session feedback:

  • 94% of session feedback was in the range 'satisfied' to 'very satisfied'
  • 40% of feedback was 'very satisfied'


  • 85% from Auckland
  • 4% each from Wellington and Bay of Plenty
  • 3% each from Waikato and Canterbury

User groups:

The presenter with the most feedback on his sessions was the AWESOME Ivan Towlson.

We got lots of great general comments, here are a few:

Great work guys! Thoroughly enjoyed.

Really enjoyed the day - thanks guys!

Thanks for the opportunity for those of us who could not attend TechEd

I am a sole operator / consultant with very limited budget, so "free" events are really appreciated.  I am very happy to dedicate my time to attendance at events that are run as well as this was.  Thanks again.

We appreciate international visitors giving up their mornings to our benefit

I really enjoyed every session and thought that each one had a valuable piece of information to take away - well done!

Thanks everyone for your feedback (good and bad constructive), we'll use it all to help make the next community Code Camp even better!


To find out about future Code Camps, and user group events in your area, please visit the website and sign up to a mailing list.



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 Thursday, September 03, 2009


I'm happy to be presenting two sessions at TechEd this year. It would be great to see you there!

DEV304 Visual Studio Team System 2010: Odyssey Two

Presenter: Kirk Jackson

Tue 9/15 | 17:10-18:25 | Ballroom 1


Visual Studio 2008 is the best and most productive development environment ever! Microsoft have been busy the past couple of years putting even more great features into your favourite tool, and in Visual Studio 2010 we'll be seeing: new programming languages; diagramming tools and visualisers; new project types; and enhancements to the IDE. Come along and hear about these great features, and learn some new tips to help you make the most of Visual Studio 2010!

SEC313 Hack-Ed: Teaching the Good Guys Bad Tricks

Presenters: Kirk Jackson, Andy Prow

Wed 9/16 | 12:10-13:25 | New Zealand Room 2


You can't fight a war that you don't know you're waging. You can't defend your website against attack unless you know the tricks that the bad guys will use.


Join the "Flight of the Pwnchords*" and learn the tricks that Andy "the hacker" will use and watch as Kirk "the developer" tries to defend his ASP.NET website against them. By the end of this session you will have an understanding of some of the common attacks, such as Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Cross-Domain Request Forgery (CDRF), and will have an appreciation of how layering your defenses (defense-in-depth) can help protect you from exploit chaining.


The session will also give you some practical tips that you can apply straight away in Visual Studio 2008 to help you build secure websites.


(* AKA "New Zealand's fourth most popular comedy hacking duo")





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 Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Visual Studio 2010 will have better support for a multi-monitor setup, but it's possible to get part of the way in 2008 already.

Toolbars and property windows (e.g. Solution Explorer, Class View) can be dragged into separate windows (2010 will add the ability to drag documents into separate windows too):

Floating windows

Window positioning gets a bit weird when you switch from one monitor to another, or change resolutions - a common occurrence when you're a laptop user docking and un-docking.

You can create two settings files, one for your single monitor layout, and one for your multi-monitor layout, and use them when starting Visual Studio 2008:

  1. Arrange your windows the way you like them
  2. Go to Tools > Import and Export Settings > Export selected environment settings
  3. You get a great tree-view of every possible setting category in Visual Studio. Click the top node to deselect everything, and scroll down and select only General Settings > Window Layouts:
  4. Save your settings file somewhere handy (e.g. d:\multimon.vssettings)
  5. Repeat for each layout you like

Now you have two or more settings files, you just need to create a shortcut icon for each one somewhere in your start menu.

Edit the target, and add the parameter /resetsettings D:\multimon.vssettings to the end (replace the path with each settings file path).


Now when you launch your new shortcut, it will start Visual Studio 2008 with the correct window layout. Because you only exported and imported the Window Layouts, all the other settings stay the same.

You may also want to make these changes to your shortcut:

  • Add the /nosplash parameter to your Target, to avoid the "Visual Studio" splash screen and make it slightly faster to start (perception is everything!)
  • Check the Run as administrator option, which is useful if you often need to restart Visual Studio to connect to the ASP.NET worker process when developing under IIS.




Previous VS2008 Tips:

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